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Welcome to’s Rewards Program! Start earning points today to get your games for free!


Check out your earning options here:


600 Points

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Earn 600 points for sharing our pages and blog posts on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter using the social media buttons found on each page.

You can earn a total of 1800 points per page you share!

  • 600 Points for Facebook Like/Share
  • 600 Points for Google +1 (temporarily disabled)
  • 600 Points for tweeting

*Points for sharing can only be earned once; if you decide to UNLIKE or remove your +1 on a certain page, the points you previously earned will automatically be deducted (-300 Points for each social media channel)

*Limit: 3 per day (3x Facebook Like/Share, 3x Google +1, and 3x Tweet) Maximum of 5400 points per day


600 Points

Limit : Once per day (Reset at midnight – Paris, France TimeZone)


Approved Comment : 1000 Points

Limit per day : 3 (Number of comments per day that grants points)



Referring Visitors : 100 points (limit: 30 people per day; total of 3000 Points)

Referring Signups : 1000 points (limit: 5 sign-ups per day; total of 5000 Points)

Visitors who have Cookies disabled will not be awarded with points. Users who are found to have been using auto-clickers and other cheating methods will be permanently banned from joining our Rewards Program.

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diz em Dezembro 05, 2019, 15:56

Love everything about a site that gathers information from all the sellers in order to allows us to make a well thought decision (and those filters about trust worthy sellers are always handy)

diz em Dezembro 17, 2018, 18:22

I love this Site and I have promoted this site to several friends

diz em Dezembro 17, 2018, 8:00

This is the best website when it comes to finding the best prices for every possible game and software!

diz em Maio 09, 2017, 1:38

Eis um site muito bom! Excelente comparador de preços, e super funcional.

diz em Janeiro 15, 2017, 4:10

É um excelente site para comprar jogos, e também os ter de graça ganhando pontos, excelente trabalho!

diz em Dezembro 30, 2016, 23:00

This is a major website, i lovet it, and im not gonna buy else were. Thank you for your existence

diz em Abril 23, 2016, 7:22

best store ever made for games and applications and consoles


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