A New Formula Available For Super Bomberman R!

Por Veena1 ligar Junho 13, 2018 Blog com Sem Comentários

As we all know the Bomberman series has been available for a very long time now and every single time something new is being added to the table making the game fun and exciting.

For the newest Bomberman game – Super Bomberman R, it will have new 3D visuals and photo-realistic graphics. It will also include newer modes as well as characters. There will be both solo and co-op modes in the game’s Story Mode. 8 Bomberman heroes are available to choose from. Of course, the traditional battle mode is still available, here you and up to seven other players can compete to blast away the other. Another version of this would be to have amazing teamwork and that will be the Grand Prix Mode.

The game can be played on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and Switch.