Chris Redfield Could Appear In Resident Evil 2

Por Veena1 ligar Janeiro 22, 2019 Blog com Sem Comentários

This is all speculation of course but thanks to the data miners in the site called Resident Evil Modding Boards, some hidden files were uncovered. He is a familiar face to fans of the franchise and is none other than Chris Redfield.

In the data mined information, we get to see Chris in his Not a Hero garb from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard but with a little hint of Resident Evil 2 mixed into it.

According to the post, he is “perfectly playable” but with a note saying “when he puts his weapons away, they will just follow him on the ground. I’m guessing this is because he doesn’t have the bones to support them.”

We have yet to see further announcements if Chris Redfield will really make it to the game or not.

Resident Evil 2 is now available. Is can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.